Renewable Energy

We have a wealth of experience in the design, installation & maintenance of renewable energy systems. We can install solar panel systems (PV) and the wiring for solar thermal, air source (ASHP) & ground source (GSHP) systems to any property as well as conduct maintenance and servicing as and when required.

We can help you with all stages of renewable energy installations including design, system siting and installation. We have access to the latest solar technology to ensure you have the best results from your system.

Services we provide include

Solar Panel Installation

Photovoltaic solar panel installations allow you to enjoy heavily reduced energy bills and a steady supply of free electricity. The feed in tariffs mean that you will receive financial compensation for the energy you generate that goes back to the national grid.

To determine the suitability of your home for solar panels you will need to have;

  • A roof, wall or area of land within 90 degrees of South that isn’t overshadowed by buildings, trees or other obstructions. If the site is in shadow for parts of the day then the system will produce less energy.
  • If using your roof or a wall it must be strong enough to support the installation. This means that the surface must support at least 17kg of weight for each panel you use. We can assess this for you – though the majority of domestic roofs can manage without issues.
  • You also need to ascertain whether you need planning permission. This is only necessary on larger installations or when the building is commercial, listed or in a conservation area where the installation will be visible from the road.

Once we have ascertained the area and suitability of the area in question we can arrange for the design and installation of your new solar panel system.

Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

Solar hot water systems reduce annual heat use by as much as 60% and provide hot water throughout the year – with a traditional boiler as back up when there isn’t enough solar energy. Solar hot water systems convert the thermal energy from the sun into heat to warm your water. The hot water tank linked to the solar thermal tubes on the roof & photovoltaic panels makes the most efficient way to heat the water in the tank.

Solar Panel Repairs

The longevity of solar panel systems is exceptional however panels and components can sometimes go faulty or get damaged & need replacing. 1 x faulty or damaged panel could bring the whole system down. In the same way that a dirty panel could also drag the rest of the string/system down.  In many cases the system will only perform as well as the worst panel. We can carry out repairs and maintenance on any system including fault finding, panel replacement and panel cleaning.

For any aspect of renewable energy and solar installations please contact us today to discuss your project or requirements – we are more than happy to help.

Please note Connectrix are not an MCS accredited company however we are very experienced in Renewable Energy & hold certificates for Solar PV installation. We work alongside MCS accredited companies to complete the project smoothly for our clients.